About Luxopus Ltd: Luxopus was formed to be the West European Distributor for Spectrolab Inc, the most experienced manufacturer of aircraft searchlights in the world. We aim to provide the optimum customer service and our motto is “We say what we can do. We do what we said we could do”. In 2014 a Service Centre for searchlights was established at Oxford Airport.

Soon after our foundation in 2012 we were asked to provide advice to various public service operators of helicopters and quickly we expanded to encompass aviation consultancy specialising in helicopters, providing advice for helicopter users including individuals, companies, charities and government agencies and departments. In particular we aim to improve value for money from helicopter use. We are a member of the British Association of Aviation Consultants

Aviation is an international business, where thousands of components are exported and imported all around the world. Mostly this is routine but complex cases do occur typically with sensitive equipment which may require government permissions. We are experienced in these areas and can assist. We also have a helicopter brokerage and sale of spare parts department.

Luxopus Ltd carries professional indemnity and associated insurances.