helicopter-consultancyLuxOpus has completed more than a dozen major consultancy studies since foundation. This is because LuxOpus brings with it the extensive experience typically found at larger firms while operating as a small, nimble and responsive team. We say what we can do and then we produce for our customers what we said we would provide – on time.

We help the customer to achieve their desired results in a way that is lasting, and where change ownership resides with the client. We provide experienced senior managers to lead the process using a consultative and collaborative approach.

Studies have included advice on the Commercial aspects of helicopter operations including power-by-the-hour, assessing the total costs of operations and recommending ways to reduce costs, optimising helicopter maintenance, business development within the helicopter industry and options to enter the market with specialist products, identifying and controlling risks, sales and purchase advice, production of bidding tenders and export and import arrangements.

Aviation is an international business, where thousands of components are exported and imported all around the world. Mostly this is routine but complex cases do occur typically with sensitive equipment which may require government permissions. We are experienced in these areas and can assist. We also have a helicopter brokerage and sale of spare parts department.

Our prestigious clients include: