20-25m Candle Power

14 Kgs



30-40m Candle Power

29 Kgs

Integral linking to camera



40-50m Candle Power

29-31 Kgs

Here fitted with IR screen



Candle Power

13.6 Kgs

Luxopus Limited is the Distributor for Spectrolab searchlights for Western Europe. A Spectrolab Approved Service Centre is located at Oxford Airport and undertakes all repairs to SX-5, SX-7, SX-16 and NSXP searchlights and associated equipment.

Spectrolab is wholly owned by Boeing Inc. one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. Spectrolab searchlights are fitted to helicopters in all parts of the world, but are supported locally.

Products range from the 15 – 20 Million candle-power SX-5 to the 30 – 35 million candle-power NSXP.

Spectrolab has recently introduced the SX-7 searchlight which is very similar in physical size to the SX-5 but has much greater illumination. Hence the latest technology provides 50% more illumination for the same weight; a crucial improvement for a helicopter. It is also very attractively priced. The NSXP remains the foremost searchlight in the world.

To allow the searchlight to track in phase with a separate EO turret, Spectrolink can be fitted to all SX-5 and SX-16 models. With Spectrolink activated the elevation and azimuth directions of the searchlight are controlled by the EO turret control so that the searchlight points in the same direction as the EO turret. The linking facility is integrated at build into all NSXP searchlights. An additional electronics box is necessary for Spectrolink and the hand-controller contains an additional switch to enable, or disable, linking. At this point in time Spectrolink is under development for the SX-7 Starsun searchlight.

Further information can be found at Spectrolab