helicopter track and balancing

We’re very excited to announce our NEW distributorship with:

* Are you fed-up with a vibrating helicopter?

* Are you fed-up with vast time & money spent on track & balancing?

* Are you fed-up with loads of test flights and not even getting close to 0.1 ips?

Then look no further! 

IVT uses the data collected from the normal T&B systems such as Chadwick, MicroVib, Helitune.  This data is inputed into their multiple award-winning algorithm to consistently provide balancing solutions well below maintenance manual recommendation and almost always  below 0.1 ips for more than 100 different helicopter models. All of this is done over the phone  and they are available 24/7.  Oh, did we say that an  18-month US Air Force evaluation resulted in 92% less maintenance fleet-wide? Not only does a smoother helicopter give a more comfortable ride but it becomes more reliable too!  For more information or a demonstration please get in touch with emma@luxopus.co.uk